Mix your own Feeds. RSS publishing made easy.

What a great tool. Feederator lets users get exactly the feeds they want, and exactly how they want them.
Also love the edit tool that allows each article/rss item to be edited. Perfect.
--Satisfied User


Aggregate multiple feeds into a group. Publish this group under a new address. Subscribe to this address.


Edit attributes of an article such as title, link, attachement and description and publish the results. Create the best version of that feed ever.


Decide which articles will be published again with a simple click. Filter items with a powerful expression before they even enter the application.


Drag and drop items from one feed to another and manually create the feed you need.

Fetch Fulltext

Feederator can fetch the full text of an article referenced in your feed. By republishing that feed you can use it in your favourit feed reader and consume the hole article instead of opening new windows

Send to Kindle

Create a Kindle periodical and send it to your kindle or email account with just a few clicks. Combined with the fulltext feature you get all the news you need on your eBook reader.

It is Online

Feederator has a comprehensive web interface which lets you tune and tweak your feeds online from every device with a web browser and internet connection. It is also a convenient tool to read feeds in the first place.

It is Free

Feederator's main functionality is free. If you like it you can show your appreciation with a donation or upgrade to a Pro account.

Easy Registration

Feederator uses OpenID to make sure that only you get access to your feeds. This means that you don't have to open yet another account for Feederator. You can use one of multiple OpenID providers such as Google, Yahoo or AOL.